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8/25/2021 Truck to Success

Guests include:
Barry G. Fowler, Lewie Pugh

“Live From Exit 24,” returns Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. Central with a preview of the upcoming Truck to Success course, scheduled for Oct. 26-28. Host Mike Matousek, OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh and Barry Fowler of Taxation Solutions Inc., a presenter at Truck to Success, will provide the particulars.
8/11/2021 GATS, AB5 and the PRO Act

Guests include:
Bryan "Bossman" Martin, Bryce Mongeon

Be sure to tune in to Live From Exit 24 at 7pm CENTRAL time on Wednesday, August 11. We’re going to spend the first 15 minutes with Bryan Martin of 4 State Trucks to get a preview of the upcoming Guilty By Association Truck Show. And then we’ll spend the last 45 minutes with Bryce Mongeon of OOIDA’s Washington, DC, office to get an update on AB5 and the PRO Act.
7/28/2021 Insurance Minimums

Guests include:
Travis Ginest, Lewie Pugh

Host Mike Matousek with guests Travis Ginest, OOIDA legal and Lewie Pugh, executive vice president. Join us for the next episode of Live From Exit 24. We'll be discussing Insurance Minimums.
7/14/2021 Driver Shortage Myth, Working conditions and poor pay

Guests include:
Dr. Michael Belzer, Lewie Pugh

Guest Host Jami Jones, and guests, will be discussing the driver shortage myth and how working conditions and poor pay of drivers runs off good drivers from the industry and is a detriment to safety.
6/30/2021 Injunction on enforcement of California's AB5 and the PRO Act

Guests include:
Bryce Mongeon, Paul Cullen Jr.

Call with questions about this or any trucking topic. Every other Wednesday, Live From Exit 24, OOIDA's live, hour-long internet talk show, brings listeners insightful discussions on the regulatory and legislative issues that matter to truckers.

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