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Mike Matousek

Director of State Legislative Affairs

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Topics: Permits and licensing, drug and alcohol testing, and regulatory compliance

Mike Matousek hosts with guests from the OOIDA Business Services and Compliance Departments talking about the things we help members with, such as permits and licensing, drug and alcohol testing, and regulatory compliance questions.

Past Episodes

9/23/2020 Bryan Martin from Guilty By Association

Guests include:
Bryan "Bossman" Martin, Jami Jones

Hear about COVID-19 and its effect on trucking and how it forced the reimagination of events like the Guilty By Association Truck Show and why OOIDA teamed up with 4 State Trucks for a $30,000 Pile of Parts giveaway.
9/09/2020 Monte Wiederhold

Guests include:
Monte Wiederhold

Monte is an OOIDA board member and small fleet owner who is actively involved in numerous trucking-related issues and still spends quite a bit of time out on the road.
8/26/2020 U.S. House Transportation Committee

Guests include:
Rep. Sam Graves

As the top republican on the U.S. House Transportation Committee, he has a lot of influence on trucking-related issues.
8/12/2020 Hours Of Service

Guests include:
Joe DeLorenzo

In this episode we will discuss the Hours-of-Service reforms set to go into effect on September 29th.
7/29/2020 Detention Time

Guests include:
Todd Spencer

Mike Matousek talks to Todd Spencer, OOIDA President and CEO, about Todd's background in trucking, his history with OOIDA, and issues that continue to plague trucking, such as detention time.

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