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Mike Matousek

Director of State Legislative Affairs

Listen every other Wednesday 7pm - 8pm

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Coming Up: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Live at 7pm Central Time

Topics: Permits and licensing, drug and alcohol testing, and regulatory compliance

Mike Matousek hosts with guests from the OOIDA Business Services and Compliance Departments talking about the things we help members with, such as permits and licensing, drug and alcohol testing, and regulatory compliance questions.

Past Episodes

2/10/2021 Taxes in Trucking

Guests include:
Barry G. Fowler, Lewie Pugh

We will be discussing taxes in the trucking industry with our guest Barry Fowler with Tax Solutions.
1/27/2021 Driver Churn and Trailer lengths

Guests include:
Todd Spencer, Andrew King

OOIDA President Todd Spencer and OOIDA Foundation's Andrew King unbundle the issue of driver churn, and something that has come up mostly on a state by state basis, heavier weights and longer lengths, but how that might apply nationally.
1/13/2021 Live From Exit 24 welcomes the new year

Guests include:
Bryce Mongeon, Collin Long, Lewie Pugh

As part of OOIDA's government affairs presence in Washington DC, Bryce and Collin are poised to give insight to the coming year now that elections are complete.
12/30/2020 Lookback on 2020

Guests include:
Jay Grimes, Collin Long, Lewie Pugh

A year in review and a look ahead at 2021.
12/16/2020 Membership, Brokers & Truckers for Troops

Guests include:
Jason Craig, Nancy Thompson

In this episode, Jason Craig from C.H. Robinson talks about broker issues. Nancy Thompson, from OOIDA's membership department, will discuss OOIDA and everything the association has to offer.

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