Todd Spencer

Coming Up: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Featuring: Todd Spencer
OOIDA President and CEO

OOIDA President Todd Spencer and OOIDA Foundation's Andrew King unbundle the issue of driver churn, and something that has come up mostly on a state by state basis, heavier weights and longer lengths, but how that might apply nationally.

Past Shows

1/13/2021 Live From Exit 24 welcomes the new year

Featuring: Lewie Pugh, Bryce Mongeon and Collin Long

As part of OOIDA’s government affairs presence in Washington DC, Bryce and Collin are poised to give insight to the coming year now that elections are complete.

12/30/2020 Lookback on 2020

Featuring: OOIDA's Government Affairs team

A year in review and a look ahead at 2021.

12/16/2020 Membership, Brokers & Truckers for Troops

Featuring: Jason Craig Chair of the Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee (MFAC)

In this episode, Jason Craig from C.H. Robinson talks about broker issues. Nancy Thompson, from OOIDA's membership department, will discuss OOIDA and everything the association has to offer.

12/2/2020 Compliance

Featuring: Linda Finch and Adam Kleinschmidt OOIDA Compliance Department

Featuring experts from the Compliance Department of OOIDA. Topics include:HOS, personal conveyance, DataQs, drug & alc clearinghouse. Special Appearance by Todd Spencer at 11:45.

11/18/2020 Post Election Part 2

Featuring: Todd Spencer and Lewie Pugh OOIDA President and Vice President

Our guests this week will be Todd Spencer, OOIDA President, and Lewie Pugh, OOIDA Executive Vice President. Building on the last show, we'll discuss the election results and what that means for small-business trucking issues.

11/04/2020 Post Election

Featuring: Lewie Pugh OOIDA Executive Vice President

Once the election is complete, what are the ramifications of the results? Listen as Lewie and Mike talk about the new priorities and challenges we’ll face as an industry, as an association and most importantly, for you as drivers

10/21/2020 Land Line Magazine’s 45th anniversary

Featuring: Todd Spencer and Sandi Soendker OOIDA President and Former Land Line Editor

Listen to guests Sandi Soendker, former Land Line editor and OOIDA President Todd Spencer. They will share thoughts from the early days of OOIDA and the importance of having our own media outlet to inform owner operators.

10/7/2020 OOIDA Foundation and Collin Long from Government Affairs

Featuring: Andrew King Research Assistant

The importance of research in trucking and the role that OOIDA has played in ensuring complete, accurate information is gathered on behalf of owner-operators. They will also talk about Truck to Success, OOIDA’s Business Education program.

9/23/2020 Bryan Martin from Guilty By Association

Featuring: "Bossman" Bryan Martin Guilty By Association

Hear about COVID-19 and its effect on trucking and how it forced the reimagination of events like the Guilty By Association Truck Show and why OOIDA teamed up with 4 State Trucks for a $30,000 Pile of Parts giveaway.

9/9/2020 Monte Wiederhold

Featuring: Monte Wiederhold OOIDA Board Member

Monte is an OOIDA board member and small fleet owner who is actively involved in numerous trucking-related issues and still spends quite a bit of time out on the road.

8/26/2020 U.S. House Transportation Committee

Featuring: Rep. Sam Graves U.S. Congressman

As the top republican on the U.S. House Transportation Committee, he has a lot of influence on trucking-related issues.

8/12/2020 Hours Of Service

Featuring: Joe DeLorenzo FMCSA's Acting Associate Administrator for Enforcement

In this episode we will discuss the Hours-of-Service reforms set to go into effect on September 29th.

7/29/2020 Detention Time

Featuring: Todd Spencer OOIDA President and CEO

Mike Matousek talks to Todd Spencer, OOIDA President and CEO, about Todd's background in trucking, his history with OOIDA, and issues that continue to plague trucking, such as detention time.

7/15/2020 Highway Bill

Featuring: Lewie Pugh OOIDA Executive Vice President

Mike Matousek talks with with special guest Lewie Pugh, Executive Vice President of OOIDA, about the upcoming highway bill.

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